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Going to Vietnam don’t try to imagine calm vacations in company of people who don’t know anything but rice.
Local customs
Some years ago parents preferred to send their kids to camps for vacations to enjoy silence and piece together
The Philippines is still mysterious country for many tourists. When you come here you feel like you get into another time
Every country has its own unique cultures and traditions and Thailand is not an exception. The culture of Thailand is connected with the culture of India but it has its own traditions.
Travel advices
If you are going to an exotic country you have got many questions and if you are going to this country with kids you have got more questions
The Philippines are famous for its amazing beauty, tropical climate, wonderful seas and quite low prices.
If you are going to Vietnam you should know how to behave yourself in this country.
Every tourist visiting the Philippines wants to take a part of this beauty, to give friends some souvenirs and to please relatives.
Indonesia is a very interesting and exotic country, as in any country here you can find something to buy and to bring home as presents or souvenirs.
I always bring something from my trips, something symbolic or useful for me or my friends. Thais’ markets amazed me variety of goods, bright souvenirs...
Where`s warm in January?
Mexico - Cancun
Brazil - Brazilia
Peru - Lima
Where`s cool in January?
Albania - Tirana
Portugal - Algarve
Croatia - Split
Where`s cold in January?
Denmark - Copenhagen
Germany - Dresden
Bulgaria - Czerny-vrah