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Going to Vietnam don’t try to imagine calm vacations in company of people who don’t know anything but rice.
Local customs
Some years ago parents preferred to send their kids to camps for vacations to enjoy silence and piece together
Before your trip to Vietnam it’s necessary to check information about culture and traditions of this country.
Turkey is a country with special traditions and customs, its own way of life. Officially women and men have equal rights
Travel advices
Islands of a Bali group are real paradise for tourists. Every year thousands of tourists spend wonderful and exotic holidays here
If you are going to Vietnam you should know how to behave yourself in this country.
Indonesia is the very beautiful and independent country. It is the island country and that’s why it’s necessary to have
Even if you come to Thailand just for rest spend some time for shopping. You will not be disappointed! You can buy everything here.
According to the tourist’s opinion in 2009, life in the Philippines became more expensive than in Thailand or Indonesia
Every tourist visiting the Philippines wants to take a part of this beauty, to give friends some souvenirs and to please relatives.
Where`s warm in February?
China - Jalunvan
Mexico - Puerto Vallarta
South Africa - Cape Town
Where`s cool in February?
Chile - Punta Arenas
Italy - Rome
Andorra - Les Escaldes
Where`s cold in February?
Slovakia - High Tatras
Finland - Helsinki
China - Chengdes