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Going to Vietnam don’t try to imagine calm vacations in company of people who don’t know anything but rice.
Local customs
If you are going to Turkey you have to visit all local points of interest, to know Turkish traditions and customs
Bali is an island located in Malay Archipelago. There is an active volcano called Agung (3,142 meters).
Some years ago parents preferred to send their kids to camps for vacations to enjoy silence and piece together
Travel advices
Bali is a very unique place with favorable weather for wonderful vacations. The climate is tropical and wet but at the same time quite mild.
Vietnam is the country for people who look for quite holidays far away from city’s routine.
When we chose a country for our vacations we don’t realize what city to visit. The choice depends on a season and what kind of rest you prefer (beach, active, informative).
Philippine cuisine combines Chinese, Spanish and Malay traditions. Nowadays Philippine cuisine is under the influence of European standards
Even if you come to Thailand just for rest spend some time for shopping. You will not be disappointed! You can buy everything here.
According to the tourist’s opinion in 2009, life in the Philippines became more expensive than in Thailand or Indonesia
Where`s warm in June?
Tunisia - Hammamet
Belgium - Gent
Netherlands - Maastricht
Where`s cool in June?
Bolivia - Kopakabana
Ireland - Dublin
Bolivia - La Paz
Where`s cold in June?
Norway - Svalbard
Norway - Jan Mayen
Norway - Island of Hope