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Going to Vietnam don’t try to imagine calm vacations in company of people who don’t know anything but rice.
Local customs
Before your trip to Vietnam it’s necessary to check information about culture and traditions of this country.
Religious is an integral part of every country. Some countries profess Christianity, others Buddhism and Confucianism.
The Philippines is still mysterious country for many tourists. When you come here you feel like you get into another time
Travel advices
If you are going to Vietnam you should know how to behave yourself in this country.
Vietnamese resorts offer many interesting tours and one is the Monkey Island. It is located in Nha Trang.
Vietnam is a small but proud country with its own traditions and customs, unique cuisine and unforgettable nature
I always bring something from my trips, something symbolic or useful for me or my friends. Thais’ markets amazed me variety of goods, bright souvenirs...
I’ve just come back with my husband from Thailand. We spent wonderful two weeks in Phuket. Of course we wanted to bring something as souvenirs for friends from this country...
Little bit about alcohol in Thailand but not drinks that you can order in bars or restaurants but drinks that are sold special stores.
Where`s warm in March?
New Zealand - Christchurch
Tunisia - Djerba
Where`s cool in March?
Luxembourg - Schengen
Italy - Genoa
China - Enshi
Where`s cold in March?
Iceland - Reykjavik
Romania - Sinai
Bulgaria - Czerny-vrah