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Traditions and customs of Thailand

Traditions and customs of Thailand
Every country has its own unique cultures and traditions and Thailand is not an exception. The culture of Thailand is connected with the culture of India but it has its own traditions. Many tourists who visit this country for the first time are shocked or surprised and for them these traditions are very strange and even silly. Religion, in this way we are talking about Buddhism, has been influencing the culture of Thailand.
Thais are very religious and observe all holidays and days of their Gods. Temples are not only a place for prayers but a place for meetings of peasants. Thailand is a country of smiles. It’s hard to find another place in the world with so many smiling faces on streets. For some people it may look frightened and strange. But this smile doesn’t mean that Thais don’t have any problems and everything is wonderful in their lives. Thais just get used to give this calm smile to every person they meet.
Don’t be afraid and just smile in return. Thais are very slowly and unpunctual people. Why do they need to be in hurry? Also a head is a special part of a body in Thailand. People believe that a head is a house of person’s soul. That’s why it’s forbidden to touch a head of another person even if you know him. Also you should be very careful with monuments and statues of Buddha. For example, in Thailand to sit crossing your legs near Buddha’s image is very insulting. If you are invited in someone’s house or you visit Buddhist temple you should take off your shoes. In other way you show your disrespect to these people. Walking along the street you may notice small houses (like starling-house) near Thais’ dwellings.
There are some fruits, sweets and flowers near these small houses. Thais believe in brownies and that’s why they build these houses and give these fares in hope that these small creatures will bring peace and happiness in their houses. Wedding is a very important event in a life of every Thai (and most likely in life of every person). To see this even in real life is unique and unforgettable show. The preparation to a wedding begins when young people advice with an astrologer or an oracle to choose the most favorable day for a ceremony. Brides’ parents receive bride price from grooms’ relatives.
Another interesting tradition is when guests pour water on newlyweds’ heads. It symbolizes happiness in the future family (but in other way, what kind of happiness it can be if you are wet!). Wedding is the most killing day for a bride because during this day she should change about 10 different dresses. When you address to a local resident (it doesn’t matter a male or a female) you should use “Khun” it is like “sir” or “madam”. Remember, Thais are very calm people. Don’t speak too loud and don’t be very emotional. You may show disrespect not only to an interlocutor but also to the whole culture. By the way, some information for lovers, it’s quite improper to keep hands or even kiss in public places. You may show your feelings on the territory of a hotel or in another private place. Well, as you see, Thailand is quite conservative country but it won’t prevent to have wonderful vacations here.
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