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Prices for meal in Thailand

Prices for meal in Thailand
When I came back from Thailand I decided to write down my memories about meal in Thailand. A little bit about myself, I am a male, 40 years old, weight is about 90 kg. I was in Pattay, Thailand. I lived in the central street. The main place to eat is a shopping mall “Festival”. From the hotel I got there by tuk-tuk about 10 minutes. Plus I visited some cheap restaurants. Let’s start with shopping mall. Average bill for a person who loves to eat is about 10$ but you’ll have a lot of food. Average bill for a common person is 5.5$. But don’t forget that the weather is quite hot and you don’t wanna eat too much. A very interesting fact that a dish with meat, French potatoes and salad will cost about less than 1$, tea is 1.5$.
Dietary habits in Festival
You buy a special card and choose any dish you like, they you pay according this card. In Festival you may meet any cuisine you want to try. If you leave you may get all money that you don’t spend. Average bill for a dish quite big with meat and vegetables in Festival is about 5$.
There is a special mobile cocktail- bar at evening near Festival. All cocktails cost about 3$. But if you take cocktails wholesale it will be much cheaper.
What does it mean? It’s 1 liter. Usually we took “Mojito” for 8$.
Local beer is good and costs 1$ - 0, 33 liters.
Cigarettes are not very good, Malboro costs 1, 5$.
Better take with you.
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