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Beer and wine Thailand

Beer and wine Thailand
Little bit about alcohol in Thailand but not drinks that you can order in bars or restaurants but drinks that are sold special stores. Tourists are allowed to bring only 1 liter of alcohol that’s why this information will be very useful.
From the administrator about alcohol in Thailand
Local beer is quite good; prices in stores are the same as everywhere. A very interesting fact is that you may buy cocktails wholesale 1 liter Mojito costs 80$ (an article “Meals in Thailand”). Cocktail sellers situate near big shopping centers and for some money they will mix any cocktail.
Beer in Thailand
In Thailand beer is called “bia”. This drink is very popular in “a country of smiles”. Price for a bottle in supermarkets is from 35 till 100 baht and in bars it will be more expensive from 60 – 150 baht. In Pattays’ bars waiters add some ice in a bottle with cocktail. Singha is a sort of the most popular beer in Thailand since 1933. It’s quite strong 5% by volume and not anyone will try it. Singha Light is cheaper and less strong 3, 5% by volume. Others sorts of beer are Chang, Leo 3, 5%, Archa 5,4%. In Phuket you may try local special beer Phuket Beer with alcohol 5% (you may find it only in supermarkets). Also there are popular beer brands such as Heineken or Tiger in bars and stores. Popular beer in bars or restaurants is more expensive than local beer.
Low-alcohol drinks in Thailand
Low-alcohol drinks are less popular in Thailand than beer. Prices in supermarkets are 30- 60 baht and 180 baht in restaurants. We advice you to try a cocktail Bacardi Breeze with a taste of an orange and a lemon but in some stores you may find with other tastes. There are many different cocktails in stores such as Kamikaze, Smirnoff, Spy and the others.
Wine in Thailand
There is very good choice of wines in Thais’ stores made in New Zealand, Chili, Spain, and Australia. Also in restaurants you may find very good local wine and pay attention to home wine in menu. A glass of wine costs 120 baht in restaurants and 200- 300 baht for a bottle in stores. Siam Winery is one of the best wine companies in Thailand. The history of Thai wine-making is about 30 years and that’s why it’s should be the main argument to try this wine! A traditional Thai drink is rice wine sato that is made in north-east of the country. It costs 35 baht but has very specific taste.
Strong alcohol in Thailand
Any tourists coming to Thailand knows what Thais rum and whisky are. Whisky Mekhong (35% by volume) is one of the most popular drinks among Thais and is called in honor of a great river. It’s strange that this drink is called whisky because it is rum by its components. This drink is made of sugarcane and rice. Price for a small bottle is about 50baht. It has very strange taste and Thais add cola or soda into this drink. But the most popular drinks among tourists are lao-khao and yaa-dong. You may find it only in any stores. Yaa-dong is very strong dark-brown herbal liqueur. Local residents have unique recipes of making this drink. In other words it looks like thick balm. It is used for coffee or tea and whisky. The most popular brand of this drink is “Tiger”.
There is a small mill producing whisky in Samui. “Magic Alambic” produces different sorts of rum: coconut, lemon, orange, pineapple, natural. You may try everything you like in stores.
It’s forbidden to sell alcohol near mosques, schools and service stations. In some minimarkets there is a special law that forbids selling alcohol from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. and after 11 p.m. Don’t forget that during some Buddhist holidays you will not be able to buy even alcohol cocktails.
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