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Prices for food in Thailand

Prices for food in Thailand
You are going to Thailand. You already have a tour and your suitcases are ready. The main and the last question is how much money you need to take with you. Of course, every tourist has his own needs but average sum is usually 50-1--$ per day for a person.
Cost for food
Usually tourists may have breakfast in hotels to be free and spend time on excursions and walks. Most of Thais’ restaurants have quite democratic prices and you may afford a good dinner or lunch. A dinner in a restaurant will costs about 15-20 $ for two persons. Of course you may choose any place you like even more expensive restaurants and a bill will be 1000$. Seafood is quite cheap here. Fruits are the cheapest and you may eat fresh fruits every day.
Cost of transport
Taxi is the most comfortable transport in Thailand. Prices are quite good and one use of taxi will cost about 5$ but before to sit in a car it’s better to haggle with a taxi driver. Taximeter is quite rare thing in Thai taxi that’s why talk to a driver about price before your trip, because in other way it will be unexpected surprise for you. One of minus such kind of transport is traffic jam, common everyday occurrence for big cities. Of course you may choose urban transport such as busses, metro. If you don’t want to be depended from anyone it’s better to rent a car. Usually people rent motorbikes, 5$ per day plus petrol.
Cost of excursions
Minimum cost of excursion is 15$. There are many expensive excursions in Thailand for example a voyage by Kwai. Very often non-experienced tourists overpay for these excursions. Be attentive! If an excursion is local it’s better to take a taxi. It will be cheaper to visit excursions with a small group of tourists.
Real Thai’s massage – is a reason to come to Thailand. It’s silly to loose unique chance. This paradise pleasure costs 5$. So, don’t loose this chance and try the most popular kind of massage in the world. There are special elite salons with very expensive massage that costs 100$. Usually prices for massage in hotels are higher than in any Spa clubs in cities. We advice you to visit Thais’ night clubs. Entrance is free and you may bring your alcohol but you have to pay for it. The most popular purchase is a fake Rolex; people buy it for a souvenir. It costs 300$.
In the end to count all your needs for this trip you may spend about 2500-3000$ for two persons. Its good sum of money and you will have wonderful rest, visit some nice restaurants, buy souvenirs, jewels, see sights, try exotic dishes. For 1500$ you may have good rest too but don’t spend all your money for souvenirs.
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I always bring something from my trips, something symbolic or useful for me or my friends. Thais’ markets amazed me variety of goods, bright souvenirs...
Even if you come to Thailand just for rest spend some time for shopping. You will not be disappointed! You can buy everything here.
When I came back from Thailand I decided to write down my memories about meal in Thailand.
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