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Wood carving in Thailand

Wood carving in Thailand
I work as a carver and I read a lot that there are many good masters of carving in Thailand. I decided to go there and see it by myself. I want to tell that I have never seen such beauty and virtuosity! Thais masters do everything from wood: elegant statuettes, boxes and furniture. There are many animals’ statuettes or small copies of temples for souvenirs. Everything is made of different sorts of trees and it means that every thing has its own character. I saw many statuettes of big and small elephants. It seems that an elephant is a sacred animal in Thailand.
A wood elephant even symbolizes the main center of carving Chiang Mai. I decided to go there to see how skillful hands make real art from wood. There were mills, exhibitions, stores where masters worked. They worked with love, they took every piece of wood with care (usually they use teak), draw and carved with special instruments beautiful pattern. Then they painted and polished it to get amazing relief. I was impressed by a large picture about 1.5*2 meters tall. Landscaped was carved there. I just imagined how much time a master was working on it, may be more than two or three months. If you see boxes it looks like a bound placemat! You won’t find another one master like here. So, if you want an exclusive go to Thailand!
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