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Real gold in Thailand

Real gold in Thailand
Going to Thailand I learnt what to buy there. I read some articles in the Internet that there are good gold jewels in Phuket and much cheaper than for example in Russia. First, I wanted to buy pearls but I didn’t know what was the better river or sea pearl that’s why I chose gold.
There is a golden mill of James Gallery. In 2009 assortment was huge and various. I came there with my fiancée and we decided to buy wedding rings in Thailand. We bought beautiful golden rings. In our country we could afford just simple golden rings without diamonds. It was quite easy to get into the mill. We just asked an administrator and he showed us everything and even helped to get to a hotel
The mill was very beautiful; gold was like silk warm and soft! There were some halls with different assortment of goods (gold, goods made of alligator’s skill, pearl and furniture). There was a bar in the center where everyone could drink elite alcohol. Of course we got special certificate with the help of it we could leave the country with jewels.
Good luck with shopping in Thailand.  
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