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Electronics in Thailand

Electronics in Thailand
Thailand is a part of four countries, so called “Asian tiger”. Industrialization in these countries has maximum level and today these countries became the main importers of modern electronics and household appliances. They produce and import electronics to the whole world. There are a lot of factories and plants that produced cell phones and electronics in Thailand. Local computers differ with high quality, new technology, and modern design. These factories and plants are situated in Thailand but belong to large foreign corporations.
Visiting Thailand you will understand why you may buy modern techniques here earlier than in your country. For example a famous IPhone 4G tourists buy six months earlier than at home. It happens this way because Asian corporations such as LG or Samsung test new electronics on Asian market and after that in America and Europe. “A country of smiles” (another name of Thailand) sometimes is not very honest with customers. Some people find different ways to fake electronics and sometimes it’s even hard to realize this fake at first glance. But even such kind of fake goods has its own customers. Tourists like to buy such cheap fakes; some businessmen buy these goods and sell it like high quality.
 Not-experienced people come home and brag their friends of new laptop that they bought for 400$ but later they realize that it was very good fake. If you are not an expert in electronics you may save money buying good fake. But if you want to buy a good camera you should go to a good popular store and don’t buy it somewhere on streets.
For example you may buy a video camera JVC with 30 Gb memory for 400$. It’s a simple but very good model. Also you are got a bag, a storage battery and tripod as a present.
Thai’s communicator HTC with a function GPS costs about 280$. It’s very comfortable; you may buy it and travel throughout the country without a guide. Maps are very easy for using.
TV sets are very good purchases in Thailand. Actually electronics are very cheap about 10-20% cheaper than in your country but also you may get a discount about 7%. Shopping in Thailand is wonderful pastime! You may find something very unique and modern. You may buy a modern gadget for your boss. Why not? It’s wonderful idea!
All electronics in Thailand have warranty.
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