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Public transport in Thailand

Public transport in Thailand
Visiting every country it’s hard not to feel the movement of life, compare traffic in every city. A person (who wasn’t in Thailand) lost a lot and didn’t feel the beauty of this country. We can talk about climate, nature and sightseeing all the time. But here we will talk about public transport in this country.
Thai taxi
Taxi is the most popular transport in Thailand. Besides typical cars you may order motorbikes, microbuses. They are also popular because of natural conditions. Buses have different colors. Green, blue, red are the main colors of Thai taxi. Taxi in this country is quite cheap. But prices will be differed from a kind of taxi – a car from a hotel or one that you will catch on the street. If you order a hotel taxi you will have fixed payment. Many people like this feature because in such way they may plan their spending. If you decide to catch a taxi on the street you may arrange with a driver. As any country Thailand has some problems on roads as traffic jams. You may overpay for waiting in these jams.
Tuk-tuk in Thailand
It’s a kind of buses. To stop tuk-tuk you have to wave or stay at roadside. Usually tuk-tuk has its own special route but you may arrange with a driver. Some people prefer stand on a step but don’t worry because speed is not very high. Fare is about 10 baht. To stop this transport you may with a help of special button inside. You pay when you leave.
Thai buses
Very common transport not only in Thailand but in many others countries is a bus. It is one of the cheapest transports. Buses are not very popular among local residents because of landscape in the country, many hills and passengers get sick of such driving. There are a lot of buses routes and everything depends on comfort inside and prices.
For example if a passenger wants to travel without an air conditioner such trip costs about 6-15 baht but if you want to feel “fresh” air and coolness it will cost 30-60 baht. If there are a TV, a stereo and so on a price will be 32 baht. Buses are differed with colors. Blue buses are popular among passengers who travel long distance because there are a toilet and air conditioner inside. If you need to go somewhere inside the city you may use orange buses without windows and air conditioners. Schedule is very convenient because buses for long distance begin their work by night and passengers will be on a place by morning.
There is a possibility to drive a car in Thailand. According to traffic rules speed is 60 km/hour. Driving is from the left side and all signs are on Thai or English. There is an age limit – 19 years old. If you come to the country not for long time you may drive a car not more than 3 months but first you have to get Thai driving license. You may rent a car and it costs from 1000-2000 baht per day.
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