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Thai Tattoo

Thai Tattoo
Tattoo is a very widespread way to stand out against a background of other people. In modern world people prefer to make tattoo to look nicer and original. But tattoo in Thailand is another thing. Tattoo brings not only esthetic but ritual function. People began to make signs and some symbols on their skin long ago. They thought that such way they protected themselves from evil spirits. Thais’ monks even in the temple can make special tattoo-amulet. After it they begin to cast spell this tattoo. More than 1000 years monks believe in power of this prophecy.
It’s easy to recognize tattoo made by monks. It’s made with special style with pointed words. A person who decides to make this tattoo should realize importance of this event and be ready to be a believer. You have to visit a temple every year to make another tattoo to continue your amulet. Other words this tattoo has its own magic power just for one year. The procedure of making tattoo is finished with meditation and prayers. If not to do it the tattoo won’t be the amulet and protect a person from evil spirits. During the meditation some monks fall into trance. A person can be in this condition from many hours till some days! The image of the tattoo has meaning. For example a monkey, a tiger, a lion, an elephant or an eagle are the most powerful amulets. Scientists had been learning composition of inks for Thai tattoo. They wanted to know why people fell into trance. They found one element that but didn’t get how it worked. To one’s opinion there are special hypnotic ferments in composition of ink.
 Every year a special meeting of people who have tattoo takes place in Thailand. They take part in different contests and winners get special awards. Every one can make small tattoo there. In ancient time Thailand had very strong army. All soldiers were with tattoos. These tattoos protected soldiers not only from death but had another meaning. Every soldier had an imperial tattoo and it meant special benefits. Nowadays young people with tattoo on faces, elbows and back are not taken to army. It means that today Thailand develops and stays on convention of the rule of law.
There are a lot of tattoo- salons in every Thai town. If you have a desire you will find a master! They work as in traditional style as in modern. For example monk’s tattoo is made with special bamboo’s stick. It’s quite painful but safe. It’s forbidden to remove this tattoo! According to the legend there were people who with the help of their tattoos treated people from various diseases. One who removed this tattoo – die. If you are not ready for a serious tattoo such as “Sak-Yant” but you want to come back from Thailand with something on your skin you may find a good tattoo-salon. But don’t forget to sing up beforehand. Remember it’s better to follow safety when you make tattoo and do it 2 days before your departure. Climate and insanitary conditions may become negative for your immunity and tattoo will close up for long time. If you want to get beautiful tattoo you have to follow some rules. First, use special cream “B-Pantenol”. Don’t make tattoo because of other’s opinions and fashion. In spite of various colors and sing it will be hard to explain what you have on your right shoulder.
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