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Thai massage in Pattaya

Thai massage in Pattaya
After many excursions, walks and trips you would like to relax and Thai massage is the best choice. Traditional Thai massage is widespread in one of tourist city – Pattaya. Thai massage is very ancient art more than 1000 years. The best specialist in this sphere is a bonesetter. Usually they differ from healers that we get used to. These people were taught their skills in Buddhist temples.
There are three kinds of therapies in Thai massage: muscles and tendons massage, line massage plus chiropractic with yoga. The last element is opening of the person’s inner energy.
One of the main compositions of Thai massage is acupunctures points. Vital energy from space praha comes through these points to human’s body. If these points are closed a person will get sick. If a masseur is a very experienced he knows how to help and open this energy stream. It’s amazing that Thai medicine is not connected with anatomy. Surgery came to this country not long ago because there was a prohibition to dissect a human’s body. But the most important is that this massage helps to treat different diseases.
These are the main facts that you need to know when you decided for Thai massage. The most interesting begins in Pattaya, the procedure of Thai massage in salon is very unusual. There is subdued light in the first room of salon. Plus this room is divided into some parts with curtains. It makes massage private thing between you and a masseur (by the way usually masseurs are girls). Pay attention a salon should be divided with curtains, it will help you to relax and get wonderful pleasure!
Next step is change of clothes. You are given silk pajamas; it’s a precondition for the whole relax. Such clothes help masseur to feel your muscles plus it will be more comfortable for you because during an hour you will do some acrobatic movements. But believe – it will bring you unforgettable impressions and you will get into the world of pleasure!
Thai massage is effect on joints. The purpose of massage is balancing and recovery energetic and physical power of a person, improvement of inner systems and organs plus relaxation from a head till toes.  
After massage you will try special herbal tea and rest for 10 minutes. There are a lot of massage salons that provide special massage of feet and hands.
One massage (1 hour) costs about 350-450 baht in Pattaya. If a salon is situated on the beach it’s will be cheaper 150-200 baht.  If you like massage don’t forget to give some tip (50-100 baht).
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