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What to feed a child in Thailand?

What to feed a child in Thailand?
Some years ago parents preferred to send their kids to camps for vacations to enjoy silence and piece together. Nowadays parents take kids and travel the whole family. Usually before trip parents learn about entertainments and of course special people for kids in hotels. These people will look after your kid when you decide to see “adult Thailand». Parents worry about entertainments for their kids but what’s about meal?
 Cuisine in Thailand differs with hot and spicy food. No doubt kids can’t eat so spicy food. Fruits, vegetables and milk you may buy in the market or local supermarkets. Don’t forget about sanitation and wash careful fruits and vegetables (better with soap). There is a lot of food for kids in supermarkets: oatmeal, rice porridge, puree and bottle-feeding. If your kid is little bit older you may give him rice with chicken (beef is quite heavy meat for kids).
You may feed him a soup but beforehand explain a waiter what kind of soup to cook (less of spices). Thais’ desserts are very sweet but may be sour and even bitter. Be careful! Better to try some food and only after this give it to your kid. It’s better not to give kids seafood. Buy water and drinks in closed bottle. Consult with a child doctor before your trip and ask what kind of medicine you should take. And of course don’t forget to get insurance for you and your kid.
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Every country has its own unique cultures and traditions and Thailand is not an exception. The culture of Thailand is connected with the culture of India but it has its own traditions.
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