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Thai Taxi

Thai Taxi
Thailand is a country where thousands of tourists come every day. No doubt a country should make special conditions for comfort living there. There is a special transport that makes tourist’s life easier – taxi. This transport is very popular among guests and local residents of the country. A profession of taxi driver is one of the most popular and profitable in Thailand. It doesn’t matter what day of a week, where you try to catch a car you will see a lot of comfortable cars. Usually people work on Japanese cars.
One of the most popular kinds of taxi is tuk-tuk. It’s opened microbus. There are about 7 seats. But usually it is four- wheeled microbuses for 4 seats.  
Thai taxi is one of the cheapest kinds of transport because of competition. A trip by taxi will cost about 250 baht and a trip to mountains (15 km) is 10 baht plus it doesn’t count numbers of passengers. Tuk-tuk is the other; it’s not as cheap as for example taxi in Thailand.
Many taxi drivers cheat with taximeters, speed and prices. They may drive by paid roads passing traffic jams and of course it will be in your price.
Besides traditional tuk-tuk there are motorickshaws. It is three-wheeled motorbikes. If you don’t want to spend hours in traffic jams it’s better to choose rickshaws. Another very comfortable transport is water trams.
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Taxi is the most popular transport in Thailand. Besides typical cars you may order motorbikes, microbuses. They are also popular because of natural conditions
After many excursions, walks and trips you would like to relax and Thai massage is the best choice. Traditional Thai massage is widespread in one of tourist city – Pattaya.
Tattoo is a very widespread way to stand out against a background of other people. In modern world people prefer to make tattoo to look nicer and original.
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