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Wat Saket Golden Mount in Thailand

Wat Saket Golden Mount in Thailand
This is the description one of Buddhist temples in Bangkok. Wat Saket Golden Mount is a Buddhist temple that is situated in the East of the old city opposite Wat Ratchanadda (in Phra Nakhon), Boriphat street. Approximately this temple was built during Ayutthaya era and it was called Wat Sakaya. But when Rama I came to power the temple was renamed as Wat Saket. After Rama I was Rama III and during his reign the temple was changed outside. A golden chedi was built and placed on high hill. The temple was added a title Chedi Phu Khao Thing (Golden Mountain).
 This mountain symbolizes one of the most famous Buddhist symbols - Mount Meru. But ground wasn’t very strong and the chedi collapsed (ancient workers didn’t know to calculate load). Only during rein of Rama V the temple and chedi were reconstructed. Another name of this temple was Subahnnabanphot in Sanskrit or Golden Mountain. This Mount is the most visited place in the whole temple. The rest parts of the temple are not so popular.
In the past Golden Mount was the highest building in Thailand ( 76 meters tall) but every year new skyscrapers are built in Thailand and nowadays this Mount doesn’t have its first place among high buildings. It takes about 15 minutes to climb the Mount. The most interesting way is trough the east side. There are some small souvenirs shops or café when you may try something tasty, a fort, and a dock where people without any traffic jam may get to the center of Democracy Monument. These are very beautiful places of old Bangkok. If don’t notice when you come to the Golden Mount. It works till sunset. When you are on the top of this mountain it’s so nice to enjoy wonderful view of Bangkok.
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