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Silkaporn University in Thailand

Silkaporn University in Thailand
Silkaporn University is situated behind the main square Sanam Luang in Bangkok. This university is one of the most popular Art school in Thailand besides it is the main university in the country. There are different kids of Art as painting, sculpture, theater, ballet and so on. Teaching traditions are passed from generation to generation. It helps Thailand to know modern art and even to set the fashion!
One of the most distinguished person of this university is a professor Silpa Pirasri (1892-1963). He was an Italian painter and he devoted himself to Thai education and art. This person is a founder of Silkaporn University.
There are four galleries in this building where various exhibitions take place; themes of these exhibitions don’t change. The main subject of these exhibitions is Thai contemporary or traditional art. But ways how to show the idea to audience are different. It may be pictures, sculptures, architecture or graphics.
At the same time you may see works of amateurs, students of the university. Different exhibitions of famous Thai and foreign painters take place in the life of the university. Names of galleries are Art Gallery, Artistic Gallery, Sculpture Gallery and Drawing Gallery. It will be interested for tourists to look at Thai Art in the place where this art was born. These galleries work from 9 a.m. till 15 30 p.m. every day except Sunday.
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