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Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Thailand

Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Thailand
The name of this temple in Thai sounds as Wat Phra Kaew. It is the main attraction not only Bangkok but the whole Thailand. This is the sacred place for Buddhism. This temple is situated to the north from the palace. Only members of the royal family can enter trough central gate. Tourists and pilgrims enter trough side gate. Even during hot day you may enter to the temple only in trousers. But if you don’t know about this rule you may take it on hire. Monuments of Hufa (demon) keep this temple. Monks have never been worried for the territory of the temple that’s why there are not cells but it has statues, a stupa and a library.
The dome of this temple is encrusted with gold, bronze and Chinese glaze. Walls are white outside but inside are painted with pictures of Buddha. The main place for prayers is a statue of the Emerald Buddha. It is made of blue-green peace of jadeite. Buddha crossing his legs sits on the golden throne. Every season Buddha is changed its clothes. Only monks do it. This statue is not tall about 75 cm. No one knows who made this statue but the meaning of this Buddha is very important for every believer. In the middle of 15 century lightning struck in the stupa and monks found a small green statue. The Emerald Buddha was in many Asian countries and only in 1778 came back to Thailand and took its place in special Wat Phra Kaew.
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