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House of the sky in Thailand

House of the sky in Thailand
Thais gave a very beautiful name to this palace – Vimanmek Mansion Palace. It is situated on Ratchawithi Rd, in the park Dusit not far away from The National Assembly.
The most interesting fact is that Vimanmek Palace was built of golden teak. The biggest building in the world was also built of the most expensive tree.  According to the architect the building consists of three parts. There are more than 80 rooms in every part. Both wings of the building are about 60 meters at length and 20 meters height). Building started at 1900 during reign Rama V. The palace was built in the private king park Dusit. Later the palace became the king summer residence. After the death of Rama V the building passed to Rama VI who also made it summer residence. Only during reign of Rama VII the palace was rebuilt.
As any beautiful buildings Vimanmek Palace became a museum after its “common” life. There are 30 showrooms and tourists may look at various collections.  
Also there are some very beautiful jewels and the gem of palace is collection devoted to life and reign of Rama V: pictures, books and some private things. On the third flour you may see a king’s apartment recreated as real one.
Vimanmek Palace has another surprise for its tourists. Two times a day at 10 a.m. and 14 p.m. all comers may take part in special performance with life music and Thai traditional dances.  
If you spend all your money you will find ATM. There are also souvenirs shops and a restaurant. The museum works every day from 9 30 a.m. till 15 30 p.m. It’s enough to enjoy the history of Thailand. Tickets are not expensive about 50 baht (about a dollar).  
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