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The Reclining Buddha Temple

The Reclining Buddha Temple
This temple is one of the greatest and the most interesting attractions in Thailand. Thai name of this temple is Wat Pho. This is the oldest and one of the highest buildings in Bangkok. It is situated in the Rattanakosin next to the Great Royal Palace. The name is translated as Buddha Temple who is waiting for nirvana.
There are 95 pagodas and more than 400 Buddha images that are coved with tinsel. Statues in the gallery were brought here during the reign of Rama I. In 1962 Wat Pro was the center for traditional Thai massage and medicine. Nowadays this massage is very popular all over the world.
The temple was founded in 12th century. The general Chakri was proclaimed as the king of Thailand and became Rama I. It was the beginning of new Thai dynasty. Rama I ordered to widen borders of the old temple and to rebuild it. A large stupa about 41 meters was built; it was decorated with beautiful green mosaic that was made in Ayutthay. This mosaic attracts a lot of tourists coming here to see this temple.
Rama III built the white stupa in honor of this father and after the death of Rama III the yellow stupa was built in his honor. During the reign of Rama IV the forth blue stupa was built. These four stupas symbolize royal power of Chakri’s dynasty.
The reclining Buddha attracts a lot of tourist. The length of this statue is about 45 meters and height is 15 meters! It’s impossible to see the whole statue. In spite of its size the reclining Buddha makes impression of relaxed and peaceful God. Pearl ornaments cover Buddha feet. There are about 108 ornaments that symbolize Buddha quality. There are different pictures that show Buddha life and his followers. Carved balustrade made of marble is another attraction of this temple. Statues of big bearded men in hats look very unusual. They were brought from China and stand guard over the temple.
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The name of this temple in Thai sounds as Wat Phra Kaew. It is the main attraction not only Bangkok but the whole Thailand.
Thais gave a very beautiful name to this palace – Vimanmek Mansion Palace. It is situated on Ratchawithi Rd
An elephant is a very important and respectful animal in Thailand. There is one Hundi legend that tells why these animals became so popular.
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