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Phuket Restaurants

Phuket Restaurants
If you try Thai cuisine for the first time, no doubt you will become its fan. Phuket is famous for many restaurants. There are a lot of cafes, restaurants in hotels and on streets. Prices are quite good here. For some money you will be able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may try Thai cuisine in any restaurants in Phuket.
Main ingredients of Thai cuisine are seafood, rice and different spices. Restaurants with Japanese, Italian or Chinese cuisines are not so popular in Phuket. Many tourists want to try real Thai food. You may do in every restaurant where traditional dishes are cooked (for example “Mee Sapam”, “Kha-Nom Chin”). Thai dishes differ from European cuisine. Perhaps Thai cuisine will seem to be strange or specific for you but, any way, travelling to Thailand won’t be boring.
Beach restaurants in Patong (the south part of Thailand) are very popular among tourists. This is the center of night life, every night a lot of tourists come here to have fun. There are a lot of restaurants with Thai and international cuisine. The most popular are Acqua Restaurant and The Beach Seafood & Restaurant.
Kata betch is the center of restaurant business but any way it is on the second place after Patong. Here you may find some not expensive restaurants. Common visitors of these restaurants are merry people without any pathos. The most popular restaurants in Kata offer international cuisine, for example Oasis by the Sea and Mom Tri’s Kitchen. One of the best restaurants is The Boathouse Wine and Grill.
The most romantic place for dates and meetings is Karon Beach and restaurants here. Nice restaurants with interesting design inside and tasty cuisine attract couple for romantic dinners. The main attraction is amazing view. Every restaurant has such view! Guests of Karon who love exotic and interesting places will be surprised to see some Scandinavian restaurants here. The Mexican restaurant Las Margaritas Grill & Cantina works every day. Restaurant “On the Rocks” is the pride of Karon. Here you may try the tastiest seafood dishes. By the way the best seafood is in Kamala and Surin. There are very good restaurants (all they are situated in 5 stars hotels) in Kamala. Charoen Seafood Restaurant is a very famous and popular restaurant here.
Historical quarter is famous for many restaurants with French, Chinese, Italian cuisine. Every guest and every taste is taken account here.
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Pattaya is one of the largest cities in Thailand. It is famous for its restaurants and cafes that are decorated in various styles.
Bangkok is seemed to be the one of the biggest beautiful and developed cities in Thailand. It is situated on the bank of Chao Phraya River.
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