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Bangkok Restaurants

Bangkok Restaurants
Bangkok is seemed to be the one of the biggest beautiful and developed cities in Thailand. It is situated on the bank of Chao Phraya River. This city is famous for a lot of restaurants where you may try national cuisine, have fun and enjoy the atmosphere of Thailand.
There are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Bangkok where the best chiefs cook delicious Japanese food. These restaurants are popular not only among Japanese but Europeans also visit these places with pleasure.
Here you can also find some very good restaurants with Thai cuisine.  One of the most popular Bangkok restaurants is “Oriental”. It is situated in the famous hotel “Oriental”. This place attracts gourmets all over the world. You may try various delicious Thai dishes plus it’s not very expensive. There are so many people who want to visit this restaurant that it’s so hard to get there. That’s why it’s better to reserve a table before. Being in this restaurant you may enjoy watching traditional Thai dancing.
«Cabbages&Condoms» is a place for merry people with sense of humor. The name of the restaurant is translated as “a cabbage and condoms”. It is connected with the fact that this building was a property of a minister for family planning. This place is situated next to Sukhumvit Road. Many guests love this restaurant for very good Thai cuisine. The pride of this restaurant is a chicken rolled with pandanus leaves.
There is an amazing view on Chaoprano from “Ton Pho” restaurant. Here you may try real Thai cuisine as spicy souses, soup, and fish and so on.
Asian restaurants are also popular in Bangkok. “River bar” is the best place in Bangkok where Asian dishes are cooked. There are a lot of Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes. You may enjoy wonderful view on river eating delicious food. Young people like to visit this restaurant because of free Wi-Fi and others like life music here. It is played every day.
There is a famous restaurant “Chockhai Steakhouse” in Bangkok. Prices will surprise you for example good tasty steak costs 400 baht for two persons.
One of the best restaurants with international cuisine is “Tawan Daeng”. The place is full of noise and fun. You may try Thai and German cuisine here. There are more than 2000 seats here.
Fans of Italian cuisine like to visit “Govinda” and to try vegetarian food. Delicious food wins a heart of every visitor. What’s about sweet? There is a very good confectioner’s “Oriental” in one big Shopping Center in Bangkok. Here you may enjoy fresh tasty buns, croissants and pastries.
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Pattaya is one of the largest cities in Thailand. It is famous for its restaurants and cafes that are decorated in various styles.
If you try Thai cuisine for the first time, no doubt you will become its fan. Phuket is famous for many restaurants.
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