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Pattaya restaurants

Pattaya restaurants
Pattaya is one of the largest cities in Thailand. It is famous for its restaurants and cafes that are decorated in various styles. In some restaurants menu is in English but mainly to choose what to order you may with the help of pictures in menu. What’s about fast food? Here you may find popular McDonald’s and KFC. But most of tourists who come to Thailand want to try traditional Thai cuisine. But some people because of health or different tastes can’t try this traditional food.
But if you are used to international food there are a lot of restaurant where you may try it. You may try not only Italian, French cuisine but also Russian dishes, for example Evening Blues, Rasputin, Russian Tavern.
There are a lot of different snack bars in Pattaya where you may try different delicious dishes. If you remember your students’ years you may try some nice sandwiches near subway stations. There is something romantic in such places, don’t you think so? Don’t try to pay attention on places where you eat because food there is very fresh and tasty. Here you may try meat dishes, pancakes, fresh fruit and vegetables. Plus food is very cheap here.
 If don’t want to eat in suck places it’s better to choose some nice restaurants in Pattaya. Food is very delicious and cuisine is various in Thailand. One of the most popular restaurants in Pattaya is “Ahola”. Next to the restaurant is a nice small waterfall. Cuisine is traditional and European in the restaurant. One of the main facts of this restaurant is a huge assortment of cocktails and some appetites. These cocktails are decorated with exotic flowers, shells and other things. Every evening you may enjoy listening life music.
There is a very original restaurant “Henru J. Bean” in Pattaya. This place is made in American style of 50th. American steaks are cooked to special recipe. Texas and Mexican dishes are very tasty. Here you may try different alcohol drinks such as cocktails, beer (for example» Carlsberg”).
If you want to try something unique it’s better to visit “Green Tree” restaurant. From 8 a.m. till 19 p.m. there is special discount for beer (about 40-45 baht). This place is very popular among local residents and tourists. As in many restaurants here you may listen to life music.
 The best and the oldest Pattaya restaurant is “Bruno”.  It was founded in 1986. Nice design, delicious cuisine attracts a lot of guests. Chief of this restaurant became very popular all over the world. He cooks the best Italian and French cuisine in the city.
You may find very good dishes and service in every restaurant in Pattaya.
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If you try Thai cuisine for the first time, no doubt you will become its fan. Phuket is famous for many restaurants.
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