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Diving in Thailand

Diving in Thailand
Sometimes tourists are disappointed in diving in Thailand. But usually it’s wrong choice of places because Thailand is famous for the best places for diving. Besides a choice of places it’s important to choose an instructor with who you will dive. You will love diving in Thailand not only because of the amazing underwater world but beautiful nature.
What is the most interesting for divers in Thailand?
The best place to begin diving is Phuket in Andaman Sea. Not far away from this island there are Krabi Province and The Phi Phi Islands. These places attract a lot of tourists with amazing nature and good location. If you want to see underwater caves it’s better to visit Krabi. But remember, to get into these caves you should have special certificates. Standards for divers are observed strictly in diving centers. If you want to enjoy underwater view of these caves it’s better to get this certificate. The gems of Andaman Sea are Similanovye and Surinov Islands, Burma Banks.
Pattaya is a very interesting place for diving. Here you may enjoy wonderful rest the whole year. The average weather is 28-32C. The coldest temperature in December is 24-25C. It’s important to know when monsoon will begin. Usually rains last from April till May and from September till October.
Hin Phae is a place near rocks. These rocks are seen only during ebb. You may dive for 10 meters and enjoy watching black and white sharks.  Would you like to see a tiger shark? Try diving in Karan Heng, a bank on the sea. Here you may see barracudas and turtles and even whale shark in winter time. It’s possible to dive for 18 meters.
Hin Loh- is a very distant place and it’s possible to get there only in windless weather. Depth of diving here is about 20 meters.
Garang Heng is another good place for diving. Here you may meet very active sharks.  
Some words about diving in caves.
There are a lot of chalk caves along the cost of Thailand. Wang Long Bay is the most popular cave. To enter there you should dive for about 20 meters. Then you get into a tunnel that follows to a large cave with stalactites. South Maya Cave is situated at the depth of 30 meters. There are some leopard sharks in Shark Point. Anemones is a very beautiful reef. The top of this reef is on the depth of 6 meters. Here you may meet leopard sharks and red corrals. In the driest season visibility is for 25 meters. Koh Doc Mai is a place for quiet diving without possibilities to meet friendly sharks.
The best time for diving in Gulf of Siam is November- March and on the west side of this place is February-May.
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There are a lot of different excursions in Pattaya so you will not be bored. We describe some entertainments that you can find here.
There is a very nice Kway river that is hidden in the middle of the forest in Konchanaburi province, Thailand
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