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Pattaya Tours and Excursions

Pattaya Tours and Excursions
There are a lot of different excursions in Pattaya so you will not be bored. We describe some entertainments that you can find here.
Kwai Voyage is one of the most interesting excursions in Pattaya.
Exursions to Nong Nooch Village Orchid costs 700 baht. Here you will see a garden with amazing flowers and plants and even exotic animals. Besides the beauty of this place you may enjoy watching the elephant show.
Riding on elephants backs costs 900 baht.
If you want something new and extreme try this riding! You will feel yourself like a discoverer in jungles. Elephants wait for you every day.  
Mini Siam for 500 baht
Just half an hour and you will see the whole world! The most popular sightseeing’s are in miniature. You will be able to visit America, Italia, France, Egypt, and England. If you come here in evening time you may enjoy the play of light and shadow. You have to visit this exhibition.
Safari World for 1500 baht
This is a large park where zebras, tigers, lions and giraffes live in nature without any cages. You will have a chance to watch these animals during your trip. There is an oceanarium on the territory of this park. Here you may feed and pet fish! Besides fish you will love the dolphin and monkey show.
Another variant of this excursion is Safari Jeep (from 2500 – 3000 baht, discounts for kids).
Do you want to see Pattay suburbs, to try exotic fruit from plantation? During this trip you visit the Buddha statue (about 160 meters height)!
Snakes farm for 550 baht
It is a very interesting and amazing trip with a scary snake show. This excursion is for adrenaline fans. Nervous people should stay in a hotel.
The open sea and fishing for 1500-4000 baht!
During this trip you will be able not only to fish but to sunburn and swim. This trip costs about 1 hour. In the end of this trip you will try special dishes from fish that you will catch.  Some experienced tourists say that it’s impossible to come back from this trip without any catch. By the way you may go to this fishing in the evening or at night! You have your choice and don’t loose this chance!
The tiger zoo for 700 baht
This is not common zoo with animals, it’s a real show! It’s a circus where tigers are fed with pigs. You may check it!
Crocodile Farm for 550 baht
Here there are many crocodiles – big or small, swimming but this farm is famous not only for crocodile alive but for belts, bags, and wallets made of crocodile skin. For some money you may feed a crocodile and even pet it! For dessert you will be able to see the crocodile show. It captures the spirit.
Combo Tour for 2000 baht
This trip lasts for 3 hours and consists of several parts. First, it’s riding on elephants then rafting, riding on horses then walking through the jungles and finally a dinner.
Pattaya offers different excursions and everyone may find what he really likes.
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