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River Kway Tour

River Kway Tour
There is a very nice Kway river that is hidden in the middle of the forest in Konchanaburi province, Thailand. This is an amazing and very beautiful place where you will be able to see “non-touristic” but real Thailand. This tour lasts for two days and two nights. Departure is from Pattaya that is surrounded with jungles and mountains. Kway begins in this place; it’s a main river artery in Thailand. Jungles are green lungs of Bangkok.
P.S. from the administrator
I bought this tour in a local travel agency (Coco Travel) in Pattaya. It’s quite cheaper to buy it here.
There are a lot of other interesting excursions in Pattay.
Excursions in Pattay – overview
It’s better to begin this trip tour from a bridge on the River Kway
One of the attractions of this river is the bridge that people call “road of death”. It was given this name because during the building of this bridge more than 100 000 people were died. The bridge was ruined in 1944 (air strike) but later it was rebuilt as a memorial.
Another place that you have to see during your journey is Damon Saduak floating market. If you want to get there you have to go boating.
Next stop is a teak factory. Here you will see very beautiful pictures, furniture, Buddha statues, and souvenirs and so on. Plus you may take pictures with this royal furniture.
After this factory you will visit an elephant farm. An elephant is a sacred animal and a symbol of this country. There are more than 4 000 elephants live in Thailand and it’s forbidden to hunt. Even outlines of this country remind an elephant’s head. A white elephant is a king among elephants. According to the legend Buddha came to people on elephant’s back. Death of an elephant is a big misfortune for Thais. There is an official Day of the White Elephant on 13th of March. There are more than 40 animals in this farm. Elephants love bananas and you may feed them. Here you may see different tricks for example elephant calves juggle and dance. But these animals show you many amazing things. Before leaving you may get an elephant kiss. Don’t refuse to get this kiss because it means luck. To ride on elephant’s back costs 100 baht here.
Next adventure is rafting on bamboo rafts. You will get into a very comfortable hotel with a big park, a pool and bungalows with interesting design. Cuisine in this hotel is delicious: seafood, fruit, and vegetables. You may try traditional and European dishes.
Excursion is coming to the end.
The main place during the second day is pools with radon. There are some pools that are situated not far away from each other. The temperature is different in every pool. Next to these pools there is a doctor house. Here you may buy some medications, ointments and so on. All medications are made of wild plants and have medical properties. All medications have high quality. Fake medications may lead to death penalty.
After this journey you may visit a café because the way back lasts for 6 hours.
Kway River Tour is unforgiving impression for you.
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