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When and where to go to Vietnam

When and where to go to Vietnam
When we chose a country for our vacations we don’t realize what city to visit. The choice depends on a season and what kind of rest you prefer (beach, active, informative).
Vietnam gives you many opportunities. The country has good location and various landscapes. These conditions make difficulties to choose a season to visit Vietnam.
When is the right time to go to Vietnam?
Monthly weather in Vietnam (it’s quite easy, choose a city and check the average temperature, precipitations and so on).
When you plan your trip it’s better to choose a dry season that lasts May -June and from September -October in the North and from December - April in the South. The most favorable time to visit Nyanchang is June- October. There are not monsoons in this time of a year. But there are some places where the weather is wonderful during the whole year. For example Ha Long Bay and the Baitylong Archipelago. The only one thing that may spoil your vacations is typhoons.
Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and a very ancient city (it is 1000 years old). Hanoi is not only the gem of Vietnam but one of the most developed cities in Asian region. The beauty of this city is a mix of eastern and western cultures. Exotic temples and ancient villas, long streets, beautiful lakes, green parks and gardens are attractions of Hanoi. Hanoi tour includes excursions in interesting streets such as Fan, Sweet, Silk and many others. The names of these streets depended on goods that were sold here. Nowadays only names remained. Many tourists all over the world come here. Somebody stays here, some go to the sea. But you may come here anytime to see sightseeing of this beautiful city. The best time to visit the capital of Vietnam is October-April. It doesn’t rain during this time and water temperature is +23.
If you like beach rest – welcome to Phan Thiet. This is a very good sea resort with denes and the sea. Resort are has a lot of hotels, restaurants where you may try delicious dishes such as special fish dish. Seafood is the main ingredient form local residents of this place.
The best time to visit Vietnam is October-March. You may stay on Mui Ne. The nature is very beautiful here. For the last years this place became very popular and may be very soon it will be the best resort in Vietnam.
If you plan to travel with kids we don’t advice to the capital of the country because kids will be bored. The best place is Nyanchang, the one of the most popular resort in the South Vietnam,. One hour by plane from Hashimin and you are here! You may visit The Money Island and it will be very interesting for you and your kids! Don’t forget to visit Vinpearl. This is a real fairytale for your kids: white sand, mud baths, and beautiful corral reefs and interesting night life. You may go there any time of a year; it’s another plus of this resort. Only diving is better from April – September.
Any way the best place or a paradise is Phu Quoc. Vietnam tourists spend their vacations only here. Temperature is +27C. We recommend coming here in November to May, because it’s a dry season. It rains the rest of the time. Another plus of this place is cheap hotels. 
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Vietnam is the country for people who look for quite holidays far away from city’s routine.
Vietnam is a small but proud country with its own traditions and customs, unique cuisine and unforgettable nature
Vietnamese resorts offer many interesting tours and one is the Monkey Island. It is located in Nha Trang.
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