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Public Transport in Vietnam

Public Transport in Vietnam
Vietnam doesn’t differ from any other country. It’s not as big as Russia but there are the same problems and the main problem is roads. Most of roads in this country are road metal and sometimes asphalt. If you want to travel independently in Vietnam you make take a risk and rend a car. But if you have never driven on such roads its better hire a local resident as a driver. It won’t be luxury for you but confidence in your safety. You will be surprised to see some kinds of transport in small towns. People use not only cars but bicycles, motorbikes, animals, tractors and so on. All these will wait for you in Vietnam.
If you want to travel independently you may rent a bicycle or a motorbike as it’s more traditionally. It’s cheaper because you don’t need driving license and it is good for your health. Before rent any transport in this country it’s better check traffic rules. Sometimes it looks like no one follows these rules. People make their own rules for example “the smallest transport makes way for bigger transport and it doesn’t matter who has the main road». If you don’t like an idea to rent a car let’s go to the bus stop. Busses are very developed transport in and between cities. You will get unforgettable impressions going by bus. First of all, roads are not good and a bus goes very slowly. Second, it’s quite crowded and stuffy inside.
But there are also some advantages in public transport for example you may learn national language or enjoy amazing nature trough the window. Besides busses there are some microbuses and taxi. If you need to get off you have to say loud or even scream to a driver about your stop. Fare is about 0.01$. You may use a taxi but don’t forget that taxi in Vietnam is not only cars but motorbikes, boats and cycles. It’s better to deal with a driver before your trip. For 15 minutes in taxi you may pay 1$. If you want to go somewhere at night it’s better and safer to take a taxi.
Train is less popular transport in Vietnam. Trains are quite old and slow. There are some kinds of coaches: day coach, second-class, corridor car and so on. Tickets should be bought beforehand. If you are foreigner tickets will be more expensive. You may ask anyone from local residents to buy a ticket for you.
Another kind of transport is boats, cutters and so on. Many tourists want to try a boat because they enjoy watching small houses, fishing, and people. It’s very interesting. Prices are different but any way better to agree on a price beforehand and don’t forget to haggle. Don’t try too hard because an owner may refuse to take you. 
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