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Public behavior in Vietnam

Public behavior in Vietnam
If you are going to Vietnam you should know how to behave yourself in this country. As it is known every country has its own traditions and customs that may seem odd for tourists. But another country is other laws. Don’t forget that you are a quest. For greeting the Vietnamese bow to each other. It is not usual to shake hands when you meet a Vietnamese person- instead you do a wai – you put your hands together as if you are saying a prayer, and bow your head slightly. Thai names are very interesting and strange because the Vietnamese have secret names that are known only a person or his parents. In childhood kids are called “the first son or the second daughter” and don’t call their real names. People believe that calling a name aloud harms a person’s destiny.
Use “Mr.” Or “Mrs” when you address people. It shows your respect. You can call people name when you know they very good. The Vietnamese don’t like emotional people and it’s better to be modest.
As in Thailand a head is very important in culture of the country. It is not respectful to touch another person’s head. People believe that a head is a temple of a person’s soul and if you touch it this soul may leave its temple. The same thing is about shoulders. The Vietnamese are very modest and shy people.
Even when you talk to a person you shouldn’t look at his eyes. Remember Vietnamese can’t go straight to a business but beat about the bush. Even when they want to say “yes” they say “no”. The Vietnamese are very superstitious. Here are some signs. When you go to work and meet a woman it’s better coming back home because it means failure during this day. Local residents hand mirrors at doors to frighten off evil spirits. Don’t use other chopsticks.
It is custom in restaurants a person having the highest social status should take care on the bill. Vietnam is a Buddhist country. If you visit a temple you have to take your shoes off. You must not turn back to a temple because you show your disrespect to religion. Buddhist temples are very beautiful and exotic and usually tourists want to take pictures inside or outside. It’s better to ask before if you can make it. People in this country like to smile but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have in problems. They smile all the time even when they have grief or sorrow and of course happiness. There are some strange customs. If a person sinks and doesn’t ask any help you shouldn’t help him. Don’t be afraid to haggle with sellers. People love it. It’s kind of entertainments, a game. As you see Vietnam is very friendly and peace-loving country. 
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