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Features of Vietnam

Features of Vietnam
Usually when people hear the name of the country they imagine a lot of water where people with round hats are fishing, rice fields, poor and misery. But when you visit this country you change your mind. This country is unique and exotic with its own traditions and customs. Vietnamese respect and pass these traditions to new generation. Check the weather information before your trip because flood and monsoon happen very often in the country.
There are some advices for you to make your visit to Vietnam unforgettable. Don’t eat too much new food because your stomach has to get used to local climate and cuisine. Vietnam strikes with its unstoppable traffic. If you need to cross the road it’s impossible to wait for green light. Many local residents pray, close their eyes and after try to cross the road.
This is dangerous but very extreme entertainment for tourists and local residences. First it’s better to watch how people do it (make a train).
You will be surprised to see flora and fauna of the country. Tourists adore colors of flowers, tall plants. You want to touch and smell a flower. But be careful because many flowers and trees are poisonous or allergic. One touch and you may get allergy or itch. You may need medical help. Also you should beware of the sun. It’s amazing but you can sunburn even when there is no sun. Use special sun lotion with very strong protection. Local residences sell aloe leaves. This is very good and unique medication for your skin. It helps to get rid of sunburns and to cool skin. Don’t be afraid to try national dishes. Vietnamese cuisine is fusion of Chinese and Indian cuisines but it has its own taste.
As it is known Asian bread is rice. It’s impossible to imagine a Vietnamese without a pot of rice. Rice is not only the main dish but it’s an ingredient of rice noodles and even rice paper. We recommend to try local seafood, fish with different souses. It’s very tasty and dishes are not as spicy as for example in Thai or Indian cuisine.
Local residences treat very seriously to hygiene and you don’t see dirty streets. But any way don’t forget simple rules- wash your hands before eating and all food that you buy.
Crime rate is quite low in Vietnam but its better be more attentive because there are some motorcyclists who try to snatch ladies’ bags from hands.
Vietnam is the very safe country for family vacations with kids. You will find many things that will surprise you. Vietnam becomes very popular among tourists so don’t loose your chance and visit this amazing country.
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Before your trip to Vietnam it’s necessary to check information about culture and traditions of this country.
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