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Customs in Vietnam

Customs in Vietnam
Before your trip to Vietnam it’s necessary to check information about culture and traditions of this country. Don’t forget that you are going to another country with its own culture and traditions. Vietnam is the quite modern country and you may behave yourself freely instead of other Asian countries. Thousands of tourists come here every year and local residents live in close contact with foreigners. But as any rules there are some exceptions. People of old generation live in Vietnam too that’s why it’s better to know how to behave in the country. There are three types of religion in Vietnam: Buddhist, Christian and Confucianism. It’s syncretism or the combining of different beliefs.
Greeting in Vietnam
Some years ago people bowed to each other any time of a day but not this tradition was changed little bit. For example during important meetings people put their hands together as if they are saying a prayers and bow. Handshake became very popular in many countries but before in Vietnam it was quite impolite. But now as Vietnam is a modern country they have this tradition in their everyday’s life. Usually men use handshakes but not women.
Vietnamese own space
You should use “ Mr» and “Mrs” when you address to a person. If you need to beckon another person there is a special gesture: to turn down your hand. If you rise up your hand it means that you don’t respect this person. Don’t touch another person’s head it is very impolite. A head is a symbol of person’s soul. A shoulder is too very important in this culture and people believe that a patron spirit lives in a shoulder. But if you touch a shoulder you should touch another to protect this person from failure.
Superstition in Vietnam
Vietnamese believe in different sings and beliefs, they have a lot of taboos. People don’t praise little babies because evil spirits may come and take them from families. If you meet a woman in the morning it is a bad sign. People hand a mirror on the door. If you are going to a restaurant with Vietnamese you should know that every one pays for his meal. If you are going to a wedding you should give a present from your couple but not just from you (it means future divorce).
Vietnamese don’t like to speak loudly; they don’t look into somebody’s eyes when they talk.
Vietnam is interesting country with its own traditions and customs.
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Usually when people hear the name of the country they imagine a lot of water where people with round
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