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Imperial City

Imperial City
There are many historical monuments in Vietnam fro example temples, castles and towers. The Imperial City is located in Vietnam. This is a unique place. The building of this city was begun in 1808 and finished in 1833. More than 25 years people built it. Another name of this city is Dai Noi. The founder of this city was Tkhe An. He was also the founder of The Nguyen dynasty. He ordered to begin the building. This emperor had more popular name Gia Long. His son Mihn Mang continued the building after his father’s death. The most important political events took place in this city.
There s unique Purple City where the emperor lived. There were departments on the territory of this city. This city was a place where people prayed. The square was about 40 hectares. The height of walls was about 600 meters. The length of ditch was 15 meters.
The city is divided into 6 blocks separated with tall wall. A queen lived in one block and in another was legal procedure. There was a block with royal factories in it. The members of the royal family lived in a special block and the famous Purple City was located in this block too. Only emperor or the members of his family could visit it. There was also a special block for temples with monks.
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