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Cu Chi tunnels

Cu Chi tunnels
Cu Chi tunnels are located in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). These are the most popular attractions in Vietnam. Cu Chi tunnels are underground two-level labyrinths about 200 km. People think that during the war with the USA Vietnamese partisans hid in these tunnels. The lowest level of these tunnels reaches 12 flours building. These tunnels were the military base but not only the cover for partisans. But it was also the headquarters, deports and a hospital. Other words these tunnels were integral part of hostilities in Vietnam.
 No doubt Americans didn’t know about these tunnels that’s why Vietnamese attracted enemies with the help of these tunnels. In the end not many Vietnamese gained a victory over the American army. Americans had known about these labyrinths and decided to spray defoliants in these tunnels. This process leads to soil and water contamination. Americans called Vietnamese who hid in labyrinths “Tunnels’ rats”.
As the result of this chemical contamination these “rats” suffered a lot but not for long time. After that Americans tried to destroy these tunnels so-called “carpet bombing” but nothing happened. Tunnels consist of many tunnel systems, labyrinths and different rooms. When you get into these tunnels you will see famous rooms, kitchens and many other interesting places. Besides there rooms you will able to see different kinds of weapons and military equipment.
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