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Bao Dai’s Summer Palace in Vietnam

Bao Dai’s Summer Palace in Vietnam
Vietnam is a country with a lot of different attractions. The Summer Palace of the emperor Bao Dai is one of the most popular attractions among tourists. Another name of this attraction is Bien Dien Quoc Troung, Thousands of tourists visit it every year.
This palace was built in 1933. This is a brown villa with twenty five apartments. The building appearance wasn’t changed but there were some reconstructions.  A portray of Hi Chi Minh hanging over the fireplace was changed little bit. This summer palace has wonderful collection of interesting exhibits and artworks.
The Palace attracts tourists its design and the history living in every element of the building.  The emperor Bao Dai was born in 1913 and ruled the country from 1926 to 1945. During his government Vietnamese student gave him a glass map of Vietnam. The map was engraved. This present showed people’s respect to the emperor.
There is a study of the emperor Bao Dai in this summer palace. People admire a bust of the emperor in the natural size. This bust is white and located in the bookcase. Besides it there are busts of this father Khai Dinh in two variants. One is brown and another is golden. There are a lot of royal family’s pictures.
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The Tomb of Emperor Minh Mang is located in Vietnam. Many tourists visit Vietnam only to see this attraction.
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Vietnam has a lot of different monuments and attractions. Thousands of tourists come here to see this beauty and real history of the country.
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