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Palace of Supreme Harmony

Palace of Supreme Harmony
Vietnam has a lot of different monuments and attractions. Thousands of tourists come here to see this beauty and real history of the country. One of the most popular attractions and pride of Vietnam is the Palace of Supreme Harmony. Another name of this palace is Thay Hoa. It was built in 1805 by the emperor Gia Long. This large and unique building became a place for important events, meeting and so on. The inner territory of the building is divided into five halls and frontal contraction with seven large halls.
Palace columns are bright red color and it makes the palace to look very exotic. These columns are decorated with unusual golden dragons. There were everyday’s coronations, meeting, celebration of royal family’s’ birthdays and other ceremonies. Heads of foreign governments took part in different meetings. There is a place with inscription Thay Hoa Dien that was made by hieroglyphs.
The Golden Throne is situated in the main hall. This throne is covered by golden coverlet and it is the symbol of the royal power. As usual there are special lamps with eight sides in every hall.  
Wonderful vase, statues and artworks pass the atmosphere of the palace. Unique plants and flowers attract a lot of tourists. The acoustic of this palace is amazing for a building of this age.
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