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Restaurants and cafes in Vietnam

Restaurants and cafes in Vietnam
Being in Vietnam you can lose your head in variety of restaurants and cafes. Here you can try not only Vietnamese but European cuisine. If you don’t like national cuisine you may go to another restaurant with different cuisine.
The best restaurants are located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. You will see a lot of coffee houses because coffee is a very popular drink among The Vietnamese.  The most popular drink in the country is tea and here you may see different kinds of tea, mainly traditional green tea.
If you are going to a small restaurant somewhere in the outskirt you have to eat with chopsticks. Only in large cities you may ask a spoon and a fork.
If you visit Hanoi you can try French and of course Vietnamese cuisine. Quan Thanh is a street with many restaurants. If you want to feel the atmosphere of real Vietnamese village you should visit “Cau Do”, “Cha Ca La Vong”, “To Hien Thanh”.
Pay attention to “Seasons from Hanoi” restaurant.  The local chief will tell you secrets of national cuisine. If you want to cook something by yourself you may buy everything you need on the local market. “Truong- Xuan” is a place with more than 40 kinds of green Vietnamese tea. Another interesting place is “Bobby Chinn”, an owner of this restaurant plays guitar for his quests. This restaurant pleases with international cuisine and traditional dishes too. In “Kinh Ky” restaurant you will have a chance to try a dish with anabas. This is very rare fish which moves by land about 8 hours. Fans of vegetarianism should visit “Tamarind Café”, “ Com Chay Nang Tam”.
If you want to visit something really cool and crazy you should go to “Apocalypse Now”. This is like a restaurant and at the same time a café. The most frequent guests are the police because this place is famous for drug pushing.
If you visit Mui Ne or Nha Trang you have to visit fish restaurants. These cities are the fish centers in the country. The most popular dishes are a sole and a tuna.
Ho Chi Minh City is famous for southern Vietnamese cuisine. There are a lot of restaurants with Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French and Italian cuisine. The cuisine is mainly international.
Many tourists take a risk and go to THIT CHO or THIT CAY. In these restaurants you may try something very exotic, for example dog’s meat and so on.
Do you want to try snake meat? It’s better to go to large cities where tourists all over the world want to try this delicacy. There is an opinion that this meat is very healthy and it has Viagra as one element.  
There are a lot of restaurants with various cuisines in Vietnam. So, don’t worry, you will not be bored. You can try traditional and exotic cuisine of Vietnam.  
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