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Entertainment in Vietnam

Entertainment in Vietnam
Going to Vietnam don’t try to imagine calm vacations in company of people who don’t know anything but rice. Vietnam became the tourist country for the last few years. Choice of entertainment is not as big as for example in Thailand or Malaysia. Playing tennis, water skis, scooters make your vacations unforgettable. But there is something that will surprise you for example playing golf. There are a lot of good clean fields where you can play golf. Plus this sport is quite cheap here. Every year a lot of entertainments appear in Vietnam. It is made to attract tourists into the country. Night life is not as stormy as in Thailand.
Bars and clubs are closed after midnight because of the law. But you may find some bars or restaurants which work 24 hours. Mainly these places are located in Saigon and Nha Trang. “Funky Monkey” is a very popular place in Hanoi. It is located in the center of the city and works from till 5 a.m. Here you may dance, play pool and enjoy dancing go-go girls. Tourists like this place and dance flour is already full. Cuisine is very tasty. Staff is very energetic and nice. Music is various, for example trance, techno, funk and house. If you like good music and want to have fun Funky Monkey is your place.
Another interesting place in Hanoi is “R&R Tavern”. This place is for rock fans on the lakeside and here you will be able to enjoy music and nature. Americans like this place. Life music, relax atmosphere, good beer attract a lot of people, even celebrities come here. Don’t wait for crazy European tear in Vietnam. Vacations here are more like hippy style.
 Sex-tourism thrives in Vietnam. Many European tourists visit the country only with one reason. But here you wont hear indecent proposals if you don’t look for it.  
Some words about interesting excursions. If you want to get into paradise you have to choose Cat Ba Island. There is a real national park with François monkeys, wild boars, more than 20 kinds of birds, dears. You can rent a boat and try to find an analogue of Loch Ness monster in the lake. Fishermen are sure that there is the terrible monster in water of this lake.
If you travel with kids you have to visit The Puppet Water Theater. Peasants living not far from Hanoi made this theater. Puppets are made of fig tree. The names of plays are “Fox-Catching”, “Duck training”, “Phoenix dance”. Usually they show peasant’s every day life or historical events, religious rite and myths.
Friendly and very nice Vietnamese attract a lot of tourists to their country. Even Americans come here forgetting the war. Vietnamese meet all guests friendly.  
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