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Diving in Vietnam, Nha Trang

Diving in Vietnam, Nha Trang
Vietnam is paradise for fans of diving. During the whole year you can find a good place for diving here. Nowadays there are a lot of diving-centers with professional instructors. They follow international security standards and use only modern equipments. There are special resorts both for amateurs and professionals. Water of The South China Sea hasn’t so variety of plants and fish as in The Red Sea but any way this sea is famous for rare kinds of fish. The beauty of this sea is unique. You have never seen so many corrals. There are more than 400 corrals and different fishes as clownfish, frogfish, paper fish, rare mollusks, barracuda, white sharks, stone fish, scats and turtles in water of The South China Sea.
It is seemed to be not very cheap entertainment but Vietnam changes this fact. In comparison with prices for diving in other countries Vietnam is more democratic in this question. There is a five stars diving center in Nha Trang where you will pay about 40$ for two submersions. You pay only for equipment and instructor’s consultation. Thousands of tourists come here because of such good prices. By the way in the end of your submersion you can get a special certificate.
Nha Trang and neighboring islands please with perfect temperature of water (23-30 degrees) and the average depth is from 10 to 35 meters. Water is clear for 20 meters. These diving clubs offer different variants of submersions for example from the motor ship where besides special platform for diving you can use shower and even a phone. Don’t be afraid of diving because all instructors have medical education. The best time for diving in Nha Trang is a period from February to October.
A night submersion is another chip in Nha Trang. Some tourists begin to enjoy and take part in dive safari or spear fishing.
To the south of Nha Trang there are some places with wrecks. This is another variant for diving. It’s quite interesting to see these wrecks, to realize how it happened. One of the most interesting places for diving is a descent from the Goat Mountain about 40 meters. Corrals gardens near Moray beach are pretty beautiful. If you treat serious to diving after Nha Trang you may find more interesting things on neighboring islands.
If you are going to Vietnam only for beach rest don’t forget that diving is a very good entertainment. In every hotel you can buy a special diving tour. You will be taken to a place by bus in the morning. Water in Nha Trang is very clear and you can snorkeling easily. It will bring you pleasure and positive emotions during your vacations in Vietnam.
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Going to Vietnam don’t try to imagine calm vacations in company of people who don’t know anything but rice.
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