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Monkey Island in Vietnam

Monkey Island in Vietnam
Vietnamese resorts offer many interesting tours and one is the Monkey Island. It is located in Nha Trang. Both adults and kids love this exciting adventure. The Monkey Island is one of the main attractions of Nha Trang and a tour around the city starts from this place. It’s interesting to know that Russian scientists took monkeys to this place. During soviet’s time this island was chosen a base for animals’ tests. Of course in the end all animals were left. Who knows, may be some animals had hidden in the forest and then bred.
More than 1500 monkeys inhabit on this island. They live in special natural conditions and it helps to retrace their life, food and reproduction. You will have a chance to walk with monkeys, to feed them and take a picture. Life of these animals is very interesting. You will get a lot of impressions and positive emotions. When you get bored from watching monkey life you can visit a circus. Here monkeys show different tricks. Organizations of this show made a special jail for “bad actresses”. This jail is a small pool with umbrellas and chaise lounges. Tourists love to watch it, but some think that it is mockery of animals.
To get to this island you can by boat or funiculars. Amazing view opens from the ropeway! Usually this tour to the Monkey Island includes hot springs in Thap Ba. Tourists can take a bath in mineral water with temperature +38! These procedures increase vitality, rejuvenate skin and body. Thus this tour to the Monkey Island will not only bring you fun but to make you healthier.
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