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Traditions and customs of Filipino people

Traditions and customs of Filipino people
Every country and every nation has its own traditions, cultures, and customs. The Philippines as many other countries formed its culture under the influence of neighboring countries. Local residents like to read and go to the theater. Filipinos don’t like serious and deep movies; they prefer soup operas, actions. The like to beauty contests, different shows and so on. Filipinos are very calm and in some way even melancholy.
Besides it Filipinos are always late. If you are going to a restaurant or a café you have to be ready to wait for a waiter more that 25 minutes even if he said “one minute, please”. This behavior is quite normal for local residents. One plus of such long waiting for a waiter is that you can talk and smoke as much as you want.
To tell the truth Filipinos don’t like Americans but respect Spanish people. They explain that Filipinos got their culture from Spain but Americans brought only fat hamburgers. People here don’t watch TV and try not to use some electronic devises because it is a reason of low birth rates in the country.
Cockfights are very popular entertainment in the Philippines. “These fights are very energetic and funny”, - say Filipinos. If you are interested you should watch it but don’t forget that in the end one of a participant will die.
As we wrote before Philippine culture was influenced by other countries .Today only Muslims has saved its own originality. It’s possible to say that Filipinos has nonstandard or specific behavior. People visiting this country don’t understand this behavior. Filipinos are very curious, may be even too much. They may ask you thousands different questions (even obscene).
Filipinos like to sunbath naked. Plus they like to have fun at night. But at the same time they don’t understand the same other’s behavior. They can act this way but tourists cant.
Besides they are very religious.
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People in the Philippines are very friendly and hospitable, so don’t worry for your safety.
Religious is an integral part of every country. Some countries profess Christianity, others Buddhism and Confucianism.
The Philippines is still mysterious country for many tourists. When you come here you feel like you get into another time
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