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Religious in the Philippines

Religious in the Philippines
Religious is an integral part of every country. Some countries profess Christianity, others Buddhism and Confucianism. The Philippines has its own religious. But there are small numbers of Christians. More than 80% of population professes Catholicism. One of the most popular religious holidays is Procession of the Black Nazarene. According to the history The Philippines was opened by Spanish during Conformation. Before this age, pagans lived on the territory of the Philippines. Christianity saved this country. One of the main facts is that most of Catholics engage in self-flagellation. In 1898 Baptism became quite popular in the country.
Some people profess Islam. Residents of Mindanao share Islam faith and they have two sultans. There is about 5% Muslims on the territory of the country. Attitude between Muslims and Christians are quite hard. Arabian merchants brought Islam in 1210.
There are 5% Protestants in the Philippines. Protestantism was brought to the country in 1899. There are two independent churches Anglone Church and Iglesia Ni Kristom (Church of Christ).
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Every country and every nation has its own traditions, cultures, and customs. The Philippines as many other countries formed its culture
People in the Philippines are very friendly and hospitable, so don’t worry for your safety.
The Philippines is still mysterious country for many tourists. When you come here you feel like you get into another time
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