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How much money do you need for the Philippines?

How much money do you need for the Philippines?
The Philippines are famous for its amazing beauty, tropical climate, wonderful seas and quite low prices. Usually before our journey we think not only to take everything necessary but we try to plan our budget. If you already have booked a hotel, bought tickets through the travel company and so on you are a happy person. But if you decided to do everything by yourself you have to find a good hotel and tickets in the Internet. Prices depend on “stars” of the hotel but the average price for a night is about 150$ for a person. Of course you can find something cheaper. Don’t forget prices depend on tourist season. People advice to come here in winter because prices are lower. Currency in the Philippines is Filipino peso. It’s easy to exchange money in any bank and special ATM, hotels. By the way you may use payment cards for example Visa or MasterCard. Local banks work from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. Another plus of local banks is that they don’t take a percent for withdrawal of money. The Republic of the Philippines is a sovereign country with many islands and every island has many entertainments. People don’t spend the whole day on the beach basking in the sun. They want to go somewhere, to see something. There are many different tours, diving centers and so on. Prices for tours and excursions are about 400 peso.
Diving in the Philippines
Everything depends on an island where you will dive. For example submersion with equipment for 6 days will cost about 260$. Usually people dive in a group about 5 persons. You also pay for transfer. A boat costs 12$.
Some words about transport.
If you want to take a taxi it’s better to negotiate a price before you get in. For saving money you may take a jeepney. These are old American jeeps which local residents paint in different colors. This trip will cost 5 peso.
Transport in the Philippines
To rent a car is quite expensive 1000 peso per day. No doubt you would like to try national cuisine. The Philippines differ from other Asian countries because food is quite expensive. You should look for a place where to eat with low prices.
Shopping in the Philippines
The Philippines are a real paradise for shopaholics. All goods are quite cheap and high quality. Tourists advice to visit Manila and make shopping here. There are many small stores where local residents sell their goods. Usually tourists buy dishes made of terracotta, cut-glass ware, shirts and skirts, jewels and so on. You can buy beautiful and cheap souvenirs made of shells, corrals and pearls on the beach. By the way here you can buy exotic fruit but you can’t take it with you from the country. Don’t forget to haggle with sellers, you will get good discount.
If to sum everything what we noticed we get 3000$ for a person including tickets, a hotel, restaurants and entertainment.
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The Philippines is paradise for tourists. It’s not only the country with amazing nature but here you can find everything what you dreamed.
The Philippines is the island country but it doesn’t mean that you will have problems with transportation
“Did I take everything?” is a regular question before departure. First of all don’t forget a passport, tickets and medical insurance.
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