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Philippines shopping

Philippines shopping
When you have rest in distant lands you can not only know culture and traditions of these countries but to buy something as a souvenir. Shopping can be interesting and exciting. This country is real paradise for shopaholics. There are a lot of different goods in local stores and prices are as cheap as in China or Taiwan and of course not expensive as in European countries. Manila is famous for the cheapest shopping in the world. Philippine shopping is a great entertainment. One of the most popular places where tourists go is a shopping-moll. This is not only many boutiques of famous designers but beautiful fountains with waterfalls, cinemas, greenhouses. Various exhibitions, theatrical performances and shows take place here every day.
You can buy everything in these shopping molls: clothes, shoes, and interesting hand made souvenirs and elite alcohols. Philippine rum is more expensive than Cuban. Usually tourists don’t know it and they are afraid to try this drink it because of low price. You can buy here presents and souvenirs for friends and relatives for example traditional costumes.
 The most popular shopping tours are in Manila. Such shopping centers as Glorrietta, Ayala or Greenbelt have wide variety of designers’ clothes. Prices are lower than in Europe. These molls are located in Makati: Robinson and SM City North EDSA. There are a lot of popular brands as Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and so on in these molls. Don’t try to find original clothes from England of France because usually such things are very good fakes.
Another famous shopping center in Manila is Moll of Asia. Tourists like shopping here and especially they like coming here from November to April (a tourist season). Local residents also like shopping. It’s the most pleasant and available entertainment. Shopping is a holiday for every person. Most of people don’t like to spend a lot of money; usually they prefer to buy some nice things. After shopping you can have a snack in a nice local restaurant. There are a lot of restaurant with Asian, European and exotic cuisine. You will be pleased!
 If you like exotic traditions it’s better to visit markets where masters sell their unique souvenirs. Don’t forget to haggle and save money on the market. Don’t take a risk to buy perfume or cosmetics on the market because you can buy a fake. Don’t be afraid to buy bijouterie, dishes, vases or pictures on the market.
If you didn’t buy anything during your vacations you have to visit duty free stores. Usually tourists buy there quite cheap alcohol and cosmetics.  Most of store and shopping molls work from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. every day.  
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Philippine cuisine combines Chinese, Spanish and Malay traditions. Nowadays Philippine cuisine is under the influence of European standards
According to the tourist’s opinion in 2009, life in the Philippines became more expensive than in Thailand or Indonesia
Every tourist visiting the Philippines wants to take a part of this beauty, to give friends some souvenirs and to please relatives.
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