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What souvenirs can you buy in the Philippines?

What souvenirs can you buy in the Philippines?
Every tourist visiting the Philippines wants to take a part of this beauty, to give friends some souvenirs and to please relatives. Of course you would like to find something unusual and original. Here are our advices what you can buy in the Philippines. One of the most popular souvenirs is terracotta crockery. Mothers and girlfriends love these things. This crockery has porous surface and it gives it “sandy” look. There are many various souvenir stores where you can buy ceramics.
Fans of music will like “loud”, a traditional musical instrument. This is stringed instrument played by plucking. You can also find this musical instrument in special sections in supermarkets.
 Another very exotic souvenir is a bottle of good Philippine wine. “ Duhat” is one of the most popular brand of wine in the country. It is made of Philippine plums. “Bigney” is a wine drink made of Philippine berry. “Mange” is mango wine. “Gaia Bano” is wine made of annona berries. You can find this wine in supermarkets.
Ladies love pearls. It’s better to buy it in the South. Of course there are a lot of stores where you can find some nice and original pearl earrings. Don’t forget that The Philippines cultivate pearl and it means that you have a chance to buy it cheaper than for example in Europe.
If you go to coastal regions you can easily buy pearl on the streets. Don’t be afraid of such purchase, pearl is very good quality and cheap but any way there is a risk to buy a fake.
Tourists like pictures made of seashells; this is a very good souvenir for people who like the art! Fans of fashion can buy something traditional and original for example shirts made of pineapple, banana fibre. This shirt is called Baron Tagalog. This is handwork. Such clothes are very beautiful decorated with traditional Philippine embroidery: local nature, design, animals. You can buy these shirts on markets or in shopping centers. “Terno” is a traditional male dress. Women wear it every day. This dress has big sleeves like butterflies’ wings. If to try you can find very original designers clothes in local stores.
Very elegant purses made of frog skin are sold in different souvenir stores. Of course you can buy some tasty souvenirs for example dried pineapples, mango and guava. Some tourists could take fresh fruits on the plane.
Housewives like crockery made of nacre. Another interesting souvenir is a necklace made of a snake’s skeleton. Filipinos quite often use animals’ bones for souvenirs: monkey or crocodile skulls and so on.  
The Philippines is a very original country with ancient history. The best souvenirs are traditional things taken warmness and sun of this wonderful country.
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