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Prices Philippines

Prices Philippines
According to the tourist’s opinion in 2009, life in the Philippines became more expensive than in Thailand or Indonesia. But at the same time price level are quite lower than in Europe. Imagine that you hitchhike and everything what you need you have in a backpack. If you leave Manila or Cebu you will spend about 1200 peso a day: a half is for a place to spend a night, 200 peso is meals, and 200 peso is transport and 200 peso – incidental expenses. Be ready to some difficulties as cramped buses. Use all your attraction on the reception in the hotel because we don’t need a very expensive apartment, we save money. Most of people want to see many things for less money. By the way a journey to the Philippines will cost cheaper if you are going there together. Why? It’s hard to answer but it’s a fact.
If you have money and want to spend wonderful vacations in the paradise – welcome to the Philippines! Luxury hotels with satin blankets, white sand and exclusive shopping is at your service. It’s hard to count how much money you will spend here, for example 100$ for a night or 1000$. An additional service is transport for tourists (a taxi, a car, a boat, a plane). Tourism is developed in big cities and it means that prices are more expensive here. Let’s count how much money you spend here.
Alcohol is 65 peso, bars and restaurants – 350 peso, tours and excursions are 1000 peso, a hotel- 1000$, boats – 300 peso , taxi – 100 peso.
 Some words about food. If you are going to be in the Philippines more that one week it’s better to cook than to go to restaurants. Home food is healthy and cheap.
For one month two persons need 6500 peso (150$). Restaurants are 3000 peso (65$). One person spends 110$ for a month.
Average price level in the Philippines (1 kg.):
Chicken – 65 peso
Cucumbers – 27 peso
Potatoes – 33 peso
Pork – 100 peso
Rice- 25 peso
Eggs (10)- 35 peso
Milk – 40 peso
Tequila- 110 peso
Wine-100 peso
Coca Cola (1, 5) - 25 peso
Other expenses:
Jeepney – 45 peso
Petrol (1 l.)- 45 peso
To rent a boat – 800 peso a day
To rent a car – 2500 pes0
Laundry – 40 peso for 1 kg
Beer (0, 33) – 40 peso
Electronics are not very expensive in the Philippines. Living here during the whole year costs about 5000- 7000 peso. By the way the most expensive purchase will be Wi-Fi router (2500 peso). Household expenses (for example water) are 150 peso per month.
A person will spend 450$ for one month. This is the same level as in other Asian countries. Plus here you can buy a bike, furniture and electronics. Well, if you have a desire to live in paradise during one year – welcome to the Philippines! As you see exotic is not as expensive as you thought.
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Philippine cuisine combines Chinese, Spanish and Malay traditions. Nowadays Philippine cuisine is under the influence of European standards
Every tourist visiting the Philippines wants to take a part of this beauty, to give friends some souvenirs and to please relatives.
When you have rest in distant lands you can not only know culture and traditions of these countries but to buy something as a souvenir.
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