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Things to do in the Philippines

Things to do in the Philippines
The Philippines is the island state. The Philippines has 7000 small islands and there are even some desert islands. If you want to visit one of such desert islands or to have your vacations far away from civilization this is the ideal place for you. Local residents are very friendly and nice. Many tourists choose this destination because of sunny weather, exotic nature, flora and fauna, local traditions and customs of the Philippines.
The Philippines are divided into three main geographic divisions Luzon, Visayas Islands and Mindanao. Every person will find something in this paradise. Fans of beach rest who like white sands, bronze tan should visit Boracay Island. A famous White Beach is located here. Boracay is also famous for professional surfing and diving. Not only fans of extreme sport come here but those who want to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Don’t forget to visit Shell Museum. People who like history should visit Cebu. There is a quite large airport in the city and you can go there by plane. One of the most popular tourist places is Minore Del Santo Nino. Here is very good diving. Corrals walls surround this island. Fans of diving love this place: various fish, corrals, mollusks, rays and so on.
Every island has several diving schools. Professionals and armatures come here to enjoy the underworld. The Philippines is not only famous for its awesome beaches, good diving and kind sun. Ecotourism develops here quite well. Tourists come here to see wild forests, big trees, interesting animals and plants. If you are going to jungles it’s better to go with a group or with a guide. Don’t go there alone. Firs of all, it’s very dangerous and the main is that you can get lost.
Here you have a chance to see unique plants and animals. There are some active volcanoes; it is called The Pacific Ring of Fire. There are some special tours in Luzon Island. The smallest volcano is located in Manila. By the way Manila is a very unique city with both eastern traditions and European modernity. There are many attractions for example Santa Thomas Museum or The National Museum with unique collections. Go shopping if you want to buy some souvenirs. There are many different stores in Manila.
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The Philippines is famous for unique natural attractions such as parks, galleries, farms and many other things
This is a small town 20 km from Manila. The main attraction of this town is a bamboo organ. Many tourists come here
Boracay is located in the central part of the Philippine archipelago. This is the center of beach rest, diving and kite surfing
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