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Philippine prices for meals

Philippine prices for meals
Philippine cuisine combines Chinese, Spanish and Malay traditions. Nowadays Philippine cuisine is under the influence of European standards but it has its own originality. Prices are quite different and it depends on a place where you try this dish (an island and a restaurant).
If you want to have breakfast in the hotel it won’t cost too much. “Basmati” traditional Philippine breakfast is rice with garlic, bacon and tea (about 6$ for a meal). Also you can order rice pancakes with vegetables (about 4$). It’s possible to order any dish in the hotel and it won’t be very expensive. We advice to try mung bean soup, then steamed or fried rice (1.5$). With rice you can try meat, chicken or vegetables.
Do you want to have a walk? Be sure that you won’t die from hunger. There are a lot of different restaurants, street fast-food and so on. If you are going to Barokae Island you have to visit a local restaurant here. You will find traditional Philippine dishes here for example Chicken asparagus – chicken soup (a very popular dish), a sucking pig with special herbs and spices (300- 700 peso). It’s quite cheap. But if you want to save money you can find cheaper places where you pay only 50 peso.
Philippine cuisine is not very spicy in comparison with Thai cuisine but sweeter. You have to try fried fat in sweet sauce, seafood and fruit.
Do you want to have a snack for less money? Don’t be afraid to try local “fast food”. Here you will find a national dish called “Balut”, this is a boiled egg with a duck embryo inside. This egg is kept in the incubator for some time.
Are you going to Manila? You have to visit “Salcedo market” (it works on Saturdays) and “Legaspi Sunday market” (working on Sundays). Here you may try some traditional dishes less than 100 peso. You can buy some fruit here but don’t ferget to haggle because prices are higher for foreigners.  
Everything depends on you and your needs. Don’t forget that prices I restaurants differ street sellers. Choose carefully what you want to eat and your vacations will be pleasant and wonderful.
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When you have rest in distant lands you can not only know culture and traditions of these countries but to buy something as a souvenir.
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