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Going to the Philippines

Going to the Philippines
“Did I take everything?” is a regular question before departure. First of all don’t forget a passport, tickets and medical insurance. The passport should be valid. It’s better to buy return tickets beforehand. Medical insurance you can get in any travel agency. Don’t forget that medical services are paid and your insurance will able to defray expenses.
If you are in the Philippines about 21 days you don’t need a visa but if you want to stay here longer you can get the visa in the Philippine embassy.
Now some words about money. First of all, think how much money you will take with you. Don’t take a lot of cash but Visa or MasterCard.  Cashless payment system is used in many hotels, stores, restaurants and bars. You won’t have problems. You can exchange money in hotels, banks and special exchange offices. The national currency is peso.
Don’t forget your first-aid set. Take some medications for allergy, stomach upset (you don’t know how your stomach will love local cuisine), fever and so on. If you need some special medications it’s better to take a doctor’s prescription because you can have some problems on customs. Don’t forget that your organism will need some days to get used to local hot climate and exotic cuisine.
 Climate is tropical here. It’s hot and wet for the whole year. Daily temperature is +30 degrees. Rains are short. We recommend to take clothes made of natural fabric as cotton or flax. Don’t forget to take a cap. The hot Philippine sun will give you not only bronze tan but even red color of your skin, be careful.
To protect your skin you need a special sun lotion or spray. Don’t forget if protection factor is more than 20 it’s better for you.
If you don’t know English you need a phrasebook. You can find Wi-Fi in hotels, banks, supermarkets, restaurants. That’s why many tourists take computers (a part of civilization). But don’t take too much things.  
Here you can buy everything you need for less of money. Dear ladies, don’t take a lot of cosmetics, you don’t need it here. If you are going to take a cell phone we don’t advice to buy local sim-card. Many tourists use Skype program in the Internet. It’s quite cheaper in comparison with local phone prices.
But the most important what you need to take in the Philippines but any other country are positive emotions!
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The Philippines is a wonderful and unique country with its nature, climate, attractions and many other things.
The Philippines is paradise for tourists. It’s not only the country with amazing nature but here you can find everything what you dreamed.
The Philippines is the island country but it doesn’t mean that you will have problems with transportation
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