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The best time to visit the Philippines

The best time to visit the Philippines
The Philippines is paradise for tourists. It’s not only the country with amazing nature but here you can find everything what you dreamed. The nature and the beauty of the Philippines remind postcards with palms, white sands, the blue sky and warm sea. It’s easy to close your eyes and enjoy hot but “friendly” Philippine sun.
Summer lasts for the whole year round. If for example in your country you have 4 seasons ( summer, fall, winter and spring) but here are 2 seasons – dry and hot ( from January to June) and monsoon ( June- December). The climate is tropical and it means hot and wet weather. The average temperature is +28 degrees. But any way it’s better to check the weather before your departure because there is a possibility to catch wet season.  
The best time for visiting this paradise is November-May. Tourists adore this country for small islands where you can forget civilization and enjoy your vacations or on the contrary have fun in a big company. Here you can find some desert islands and live as Robinson Crusoe. The most popular destinations here are Bohol, Cebu and Boracay. Cebu is the main tourist’s center. Here you can have wonderful luxury vacations but meet a lot of tourists because this place is famous for nice bars, night clubs and restaurants. If you are going here with kids we recommend visiting Bohol Island. There is a nice sea reserve (a sea park) on the island. This is a high wall under water with thousands kinds of fish, turtles, corrals and so on. Kids will love it! Fans of diving also come here because of this attraction. But the best place for diving is Anilao, Puerto Galera, Balikasag. Professionals and amateurs come here like flies to honey. The underwater world attracts its beauty.
It’s hard to describe the beauty of this place. Another plus here is absence of sharks.  If you like different tours and don’t like just bask in the sun we advice to visit Manila Island. Here you can visit catholic churches, Spanish forts. Manila is the capital of the Philippines. The city has not only heritage of forefather but European modernity. This is a large megalopolis with well-developed infrastructure. Every person will find something special for him here.
There are different tourist routes in mountain regions. Besides good training you will able to enjoy awesome nature. Fans of golf come to the Philippines because of the best courts in the world. The Philippines is not only group of islands but fun every day. Various festivals and carnivals take place regularly here. Every region has its own traditions and customs, festivals. The Philippines is a place where your dream will come true.
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The Philippines is a wonderful and unique country with its nature, climate, attractions and many other things.
The Philippines is the island country but it doesn’t mean that you will have problems with transportation
“Did I take everything?” is a regular question before departure. First of all don’t forget a passport, tickets and medical insurance.
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