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Public behavior in the Philippines

Public behavior in the Philippines
The Philippines is still mysterious country for many tourists. When you come here you feel like you get into another time: summer all year round, smiling faces and no economical problems- in other words “paradise”. Many tourists are afraid to come here because of terrorism danger, long civil war and crime rate. Any way you will meet many policemen in the streets who know English quiet well. They will help you if you loose your way or look for something. To visit this paradise you don’t need visa and you can be here21 days without any problems. You need just to show your passport, return ticket and money (the government should be sure that you have enough money to stay in the country) in the airport. Before your departure it’s better to know more information about local resident on the Philippines.
Being in the country you will hear one word “mahubai”. Local residents say this word when they greet each other, say good-bye and even when they want to get attention. It is translated as “to live”. Usually Filipinos kiss for greeting. To women you should use “Mam”. Filipinos are very friendly; they are smiling. You can easily take pictures with one of residents. Don’t be afraid to talk with people, besides national Tagalog they know English. We recommend to learn some words as “ hello”,” thank you”, “ good bye” and so on.
Some words about clothes
The weather in the country is quite hot but rain is possible, so don’t forget to take an umbrella. It’s better to take clothes of light colors. There is no strict “dress code” in temples or churches. But of course you won’t go there in bikini or shorts. Be careful on roads because rules of road are not followed.
Drivers try to drive carefully. Smokers will have some problems in the country. From the 1st of June there is a law prohibitive smoking in health facilities (hospitals for example), public spaces, bus stops, parks, taxi and so on. At best you will pay a fine and at worse to get into the jail (it’s the easiest way to stay in this paradise for long time). Filipinos like to watch cockfights. If you are not supporter of Greenpeace you should watch this entertainment.
 Another interesting attraction of this country is healer or surgeons without scalpels. They live and work in the north of the Philippines. These doctors with the help of hands get into human’s body and treat it. The most amazing is that after the surgery it’s hard to find any scars on your body.
Many tourists use these services. Be careful because you can meet many fraudsters on the streets. Don’t forget you are a quest, that’s why you should be respectful to traditions and customs of this country. Don’t speak loud, don’t show your attitude if you don’t like something.  
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People in the Philippines are very friendly and hospitable, so don’t worry for your safety.
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