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Means of transportation in the Philippines

Means of transportation in the Philippines
The Philippines is the island country but it doesn’t mean that you will have problems with transportation because of mountain landscape. Transport system is well-developed in the Philippines. There are busses, motorbikes, rickshaw, taxi and trains in the city. It’s very interesting but there are two kinds of buses in Manila (the capital of the Philippines) air-conditioned and not air-conditioned, that’s why fare is different: for example you will pay 35 pesos for a air-conditioned and 30 pesos for not air-conditioned.
If you want to save money it’s better to choose a bus without air conditioner. If you are going for the long distance there are special chartered busses having air conditioners. Many tourists like another kind of transport – jeepny. These are American jeeps. Local residents like to paint these cars in different bright colors. The price is about 4 pesos (usually for the first 3 km). If you want to stop you should tell a driver about it beforehand. One of the most popular transports among tourists is rickshaw. By the way it’s one of the cheapest means of transport in the Philippines.
Rickshaw or tuk tuk is a very cheap public means of transportation in the country. Another name of this transport is tricycle, it means a motorized three-wheeler. Usually 2-3 people can get into but there is rickshaw with 5 seats. A stop is possible in any desired place.
If you want more comfort it’s better to take a taxi. The price is 13 peso for km. But you should be careful because very often taxi drivers charge up. Drivers are used not to give change (usually they say “we don’t have coins and so on”). That’s why it’s better to take some coins to pay. You can rent a car (if you are 18 years old). You need a passport and international driving license. But think twice. Philippines traffic is crazy. Very often local residents don’t follow rules. Traffic is right-hand.
If you want to visit the center of the city it’s better to use light railway. Trains are very comfortable, fast and the most important are quite cheap. You can travel between islands with the help of small planes. There are more than 266 airports on the territory of the country. Planes are small but a flight will bring you a lot of positive emotions. Tickets are not very expensive and local residents often use this means of transportation. To get to islands you can also with the help of boats, motorboats, ferry and special motojeepny. As you see you won’t have any problems to travel in the country.
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The Philippines are famous for its amazing beauty, tropical climate, wonderful seas and quite low prices.
The Philippines is a wonderful and unique country with its nature, climate, attractions and many other things.
“Did I take everything?” is a regular question before departure. First of all don’t forget a passport, tickets and medical insurance.
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