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Things to do in the Philippines

Things to do in the Philippines
The Philippines is a wonderful and unique country with its nature, climate, attractions and many other things. The country has more than 7000 small islands. Thousands of tourists come here every year to know traditions and customs of this exotic country. And of course all the time tourists ask two questions - Where to go? What to see? Here we give you a list of some popular places of the country.
Boracay Island
Filipinos name this place a gem of the country. The atmosphere of Boracay differs from Cebu and Manila. Here you will find peace and calm, this is a real paradise; no fast cars, skyscrapers, less of noise. On the territory of this island you can see carabao or Filipino buffalo. These are very big animals with massive horns. Those, who like swimming, nice beaches, getting tan - will love Boracay. There are a lot of beaches where you can try any kinds of water sport. Beaches are with the best white sand and sea salt is the cleanest. All tourists like to have fun that’s why there are a lot of night clubs, restaurants and bars here. You should visit a very famous bar – Coco Bongo where you can try the best “Margarita” cocktail. Take a risk and try fifteen drinks (alcohol) and you can win a t-shirt with the name of this bar. It’s worth.
Volcano spa-salon
There is a big spa resort in Pinatubo Island with different treatments such as hand massage and even hot springs. Every person can try a very exotic and extreme treatment as digging in volcanic ashes. This is a unique treatment and you will never meet it in any exotic country.
Unique rice terrace
This terrace is located in Luson Island. It was listed as a world heritage by UNESCO. The Philippines is proud of this fact. Rice is grown here all the time. Rice fields are so large that if you put it into one line it will cross the whole planet.
Treeless mountains 
Balulao Mountain is one of the largest and the most beautiful places in the Philippines, but it’s not so high about 804 meters. This is one the most popular attractions in the country: beautiful view, unique trees and plants, flowers.
If you want to get more impressions about the Philippines it’s necessary to visit more islands. The best place for young people is Cebu because there are a lot of bars, beaches, clubs, shopping molls. Of course people who are young inside will love this place too.
The Philippines is rich in its customs, traditions, beauties, nature and of course places which you have to visit.
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The Philippines are famous for its amazing beauty, tropical climate, wonderful seas and quite low prices.
“Did I take everything?” is a regular question before departure. First of all don’t forget a passport, tickets and medical insurance.
The Philippines is the island country but it doesn’t mean that you will have problems with transportation
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